Tampa Video Production Services

To most, a well-produced video can seem a little bit like magic. To us, we see the result of a carefully placed light source, a perfectly angled shot, and seamless cuts made by a sharp-eyed editor. Most of all, we see the impact that one video can make in just a few minutes.

Slice is a full-service video production agency based in Tampa. We specialize in every step of the video-making process, from brainstorming to final release. Our goal is to provide accessible video production services to businesses everywhere. We work with companies of all sizes, industries, and budgets. If you’d like to see what we can do for you, just get in touch or use this page to watch some of the magic we’ve already made for local companies.

Breathe life into your brand.

In our digital world, video reigns supreme. Online users watch millions of hours of video each and every day – and engagement with video far surpasses that of regular text. There’s something about the combination of moving visuals and audio that grabs us in a way no other format can. Whether you’re trying to promote a new product, recruit new talent, or just get the word about your business out there, video is one of the best ways to do it.

As a full-service Tampa video production agency, we break videos down piece by piece to learn just how and why they’re so powerful. We know what draws people in from all aspects of production – everything from audio mixing to precise editing. A well-made video can connect with your audience on a personal level and create a lasting impression.

Video production isn’t easy. When you decide to make a video, you’re deciding to take a bold new step towards reaching new audiences. At Slice, the bravery of our clients inspires us to make equally fearless video content. Our team will work directly with you to develop videos that are uncommonly good – and that uniquely promote your brand or product along the way.

Slice is a Tampa video production company that believes in going above and beyond at every turn. We work with companies from the very start, including the initial storyboarding of ideas to filming with state-of-the-art production technology and editing the final product. No matter what it takes or how long, we’re determined to craft something authentic and true to your brand story.

We do big projects for companies of all sizes.

On this page, you’ll see some of the work we’ve made with companies across Tampa Bay, including the Tampa Bay Lightning, Stetson Law, and Publix. We work big and small – and we specialize in bringing high-quality production to small businesses that might think video production services are out of their reach.

No matter your industry, your audience, or your size, we at Slice believe in the power of video to help you send your message. Make an impression. Show the world your stuff. Contact us to get started.