6 Tips for Creating Engaging Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are quickly becoming one of the best mediums for content marketing, even outpacing other video types like tutorials and product demonstrations. Reviews from real customers or clients—especially when captured on camera where there’s a face and a voice to accompany the testimonial—are powerful tools for attracting new leads.

Think about which you would believe more: a paragraph of text left on a review site or a real person sharing their experience?

The trouble with video testimonials is that they’re hard to do right. Here at Slice, where we’re in the business of creating engaging videos for businesses looking to put their best sides on display, we wanted to share our top six tips to get the most out of video testimonials.

Tip #1. Forget the Script

Yup, our very first tip is to ditch that script and let your customers or clients say what they feel is important. This is the best way to create a testimonial video that feels authentic to the viewer—and we all know that authenticity sells.

It’s okay to guide your subject through a video by asking them questions and encouraging them to touch on certain talking points. But let them do most of the talking, which is how you retain each testimon-ee’s unique voice and personality.

Create a list of questions that are likely to lead to your product’s key selling points and share some version of them with your interviewees in advance of the taping. They’ll feel more comfortable in front of a camera if they’ve had a moment to think about their answer.

But don’t treat your questions as a strict script either! Respond authentically with follow-up questions to create a real flow of conversation. Your subject might even share something insightful or surprising.

Remember that the point of testimonial videos is to hear from real consumers, not actors. Don’t skimp on the prep that will make them feel comfortable, but do leave the director’s chair at home.

Tip #2. Lean into Emotion

Hard facts and numbers might seem like the best way to convince your buyers that your product is the best. But anyone who has sat through a pie-chart presentation knows that percentage points aren’t the most engaging form of media. Potential customers can check out your website to read the stats on what your business has done for former clients. 

The thing that’s harder to get from magazine spreads and banner ads is an emotional connection. When people feel they can relate to a customer’s testimonial (the frustration of past experiences; the relief and joy of finding a solution with your business), they’re more likely to imagine the potential you could bring to their own lives. 

A story is far more memorable than a barrage of numbers and is more likely to engage your audience. Encourage your customers and clients to share their stories.

Tip #3. Shorter Is Better

If you’ve captured some seriously great content from your customers, it can be tempting to plaster ten-minute video testimonials all over your social media pages. But before you do that, remember the classic adage that less is more. In terms of social media content, that adage means shorter is better.

At Slice, we can edit videos to a variety of lengths that suit the medium they’ll be posted on. Longer form videos might work for YouTube and your website, but things need to stay short and simple to make it big on Twitter or Instagram.

Tip #5. Don’t Forget the Text

Marketers know that 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound when users watch them. If your testimonials are going on social media, you need to ensure you’re posting videos that incorporate captions or subtitles.

This best practice is vital to engaging with potential customers on social media—and once you have them watching, they’re far more likely to turn on that sound! 

Text and captions also make your video testimonials accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences, and accessibility matters for marketing and SEO. Keeping accessibility in mind makes your company more inclusive while reaching an even wider audience of potential customers. 

Tip #5. Encourage Interaction

A good video should always end with a strong call to action. A call to action should invite viewers to do something specific—call a number, follow a social media account, or leave a comment—and then make it as easy as possible to complete that action. At Slice, we always think about what a video can do for a company beyond simply showing a product or sharing a testimonial. 

You can also ask your viewers to share their own reviews or testimonials online. This is great for cross-platform promotion, as a testimonial video posted on Facebook can encourage a satisfied customer to tweet about their positive experience.

Tip #6. Hire a Full-Service Video Production Company 

Generating testimonial content for your business is an investment with long-term potential returns, but only if you do it right. While it’s not as cheap as letting an employee film a customer on their smartphone, hiring a professional, full-service company to create your content is one of the best ways to ensure your testimonials are top-notch quality at every step of the process. It also saves a lot of headaches on your end.

Here at Slice, we are video people first and foremost. Working with a video production company like us means a faster turnaround time for your content, better quality footage and editing, and a fresh perspective on your business from people who have an expert eye for content. Whether you’re a small startup or a major corporation, a full-service production company is the best way to ensure high quality-editing and experienced content capture. 

Get the Word Out About Your Business

Video testimonials are a powerful tool for businesses of any size and any industry. Not only do they have great ROI when it comes to conversion, but they’re also hugely impactful awareness-drivers. Consumers have always relied on recommendations to decide where and how to spend their money best, and reviews are the modern-day equivalent to phoning a friend. 

To learn about how Slice can bring the best video production quality to your next video, contact us today. We’re excited to help show the world how great you are.