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When I was 16 years old, I always thought I would of been a web designer. Working with a talented coder named Steve Eakin, we created SECOmedia, which created web design, flash animations, and pretty much anything you could think of for gamers.

They were interesting clients. Not financially interesting but the brief was always the same: Do something cool.

After a few years of failing interviews, I landed an internship at SPARK, an advertising agency in Tampa, FL. SPARK taught me all there was to know about advertising and focusing on the right idea instead of just the right execution. Yet I was stubborn, and refused to believe ideas were more important than how good it looked.

It wasn’t until we created the “Hello” campaign for Bayfront Baby Place, my very first legit campaign idea, that I fell in love with the idea process.

The SPARK Red Party needed a hype video to be created and so Tony Miller, the CFO at SPARK, asked me if I knew how to video edit. Well, I was an intern, so of course I said yes (but in reality I had no idea). Needless to say, I learned how to edit and use motion graphics literally over night to tell a story and fell in love with it ever since.

From there I moved on to 22squared, an internationally recognized advertising agency, and learned what it was like to roll with the big boys. Creating award winning campaigns while at the same time helping to execute those campaigns. My ambition, creative drive and hatred of the interview process inspired me to take that giant leap down the path of entrepreneurship. Thus, Slice was born.

We believe ideas should be just as important as the execution. It’s not just being able to put footage or graphics together. It’s being able to make an idea come to life.

The truth is, every production company has the same set of tools in their shed to play with. All the latest cameras and drones to get footage or the latest plug-ins to make your logo come in and out of frame. After being a part of the idea side for over 8 years, I realized that regardless of how it’s done, the idea is what people remember.

Evoking human emotion from a kernel of truth, should be the forefront of any execution. We believe that answering the question of WHY is more important than the what and the how you offer it. Slice was created on that principle.

Slice took the idea side and married it with the production side. We believe that knowing how to work with ideas as a creative as well as the technical skills of a production company is an invaluable tool. Even more so in today’s world of content creation. You could say we’re ‘idea-design-centric.’

We move ideas.

Written by: William Rossiter, Owner/Director of Slice