Instagram Reels Tutorial for Small Businesses

You may have noticed a new icon sitting front-and-center on Instagram’s navigation page, replacing the regular feed’s upload button. Welcome to the world of Instagram Reels: the latest way to make your brand more visible on Instagram. 

Reels give brands an opportunity to attract new customers; a short, sweet bite of content in 30 seconds or less to capture your viewers.

With how heavily Instagram is spotlighting Reels, you might feel a moment of panic. Another feature you have to learn? Something else to figure out on your own? 

That’s why we’re here to help. This Instagram Reels tutorial covers exactly how and why you should use this new feature. 

What Is An Instagram Reel? 

An Instagram Reel is one of the newest ways to craft engaging video content. So far, it’s launched in 51 countries, including the United States. 

If you’re familiar with TikTok, Instagram Reels may already feel familiar. Reels allow you to record and edit 15 to 30 second clips using music or your own audio. 

You can share your Reels to your Story, Explore Feed, and the Reels tab (now center stage on your profile).

Why All Businesses Should Use Instagram Reels

Besides the fact that it’s a fun feature, there are plenty of reasons small business owners need to hop on the latest trend. 

Reels are another great way to build your brand’s community and expand your Instagram influence. 

Consumers love videos on products and brands. Marketers who use video content report a 49% increase in growth. It shows that 69% of people prefer to learn about a brand with video. 

The word spreads too. Consumers are twice as likely to share videos than any other type of post.

Now you may be thinking: okay, how is this any different from TikTok

Although the apps are similar, you should still put your brand everywhere. Not only that, but a study revealed TikTok is better for influencers, while Instagram is better for businesses

How You Can Start Making Your Own Reels 

Starting up with your own Instagram Reels is pretty straightforward—there are just a few key things to consider before diving in. Here, we’ve put together a guidepath to make the most of this engaging new feature.

Accessing Reels

To push this feature, Instagram has made it accessible from several places in the app. You can start making Reels from any of these 3 points:

  • Reels Tab: In your Reels feed, click the camera button on the top right.
  • Instagram Home Screen: Tap the plus button at the top right of your screen, then press the “Reels” label at the bottom.
  • Instagram Stories: Launch your Stories camera and switch the setting at the bottom to “Reels.”

Sound, Speed, & Video Length 

You can pick your music by clicking the audio/music icon. If you’re not finding your song, it may not be available. Certain music isn’t allowed on Reels, even if it’s on Spotify (where Instagram gets their music from). 

Below the audio icon, you’ll see one for “speed.” Here, you can speed up or film the video in slow motion. 

You can shuffle between a 15-second or 30-second video length by pressing the circled number above the audio icon. 

Filming Separate Clips & Delaying Your Start

If you don’t want your Reel to happen in one shot, Instagram’s got you covered. 

The bottom icon is a timer. Click it to select the length of the current clip you’re filming. It allows you to create several scenes or views in one single clip. 

Additionally, you’ll see a little “3” in the top right of the timer screen. There you can choose between a 3- or 10-second countdown before your recording begins. 


Just above the center record button says “Camera Effects.” You’ll find unique, fun camera effects — from facial alterations to AR filters. 

You can save your favorites by pressing the bookmark icon. 

The Editing Process

Here’s a quick guide to post-production using the app’s built-in tools.

Cutting & Deleting

If you need to trim or delete clips, press the back arrow next to the record button and select the clip you’d like to edit. 

The scissors are for trimming clips, and the trash is to delete clips. 

Drawing & Text

When you’re finished trimming up your vid, you can choose from the seemingly endless Instagram Stickers or play with the draw and text tool. 

If your video has dialogue or voiceover, then add closed captions. Some people like to watch videos without sound, and text grabs their attention. Plus, you’ll make your videos accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. 

Pro Tip: Pay attention to where you put text! Instagram crops videos on the Reel feed to 4:5 dimensions. Keep it close to the middle, and don’t cover up important video moments. 

Uploading Your Reels 

When you’ve perfected your masterpiece, you’re now ready to upload. 

Start by selecting a cover photo. You can choose a still image from your video or select a picture from your camera roll for a touch of branding.

Once you create your caption and add niche-relevant hashtags, you’re ready to share your work. You can put it on your story, on the Reels feed, and on your profile. 

Talk about brand exposure! 

Boost Your Brand’s Presence with Reels

If you’re looking for a way to show off your fun side and creatively engage with your audience, Instagram Reels helps you do it. 

Videos have proven to have a bigger reach than other content, and how short and consumable Reels are can help you snag an even wider pool of viewers! The process of making a Reel is pretty easy, too, thanks to Instagram’s interface. 

However, a Reel might not be all you need to see higher conversions. Need help creating engaging content that attracts new customers? Reach out to the Slice team today to supercharge your business’s social media presence.