Anyone can go out and purchase a company’s product or service—but these days, knowing the people behind the company is almost as important as the quality of the good or service itself. 

One of the best ways to introduce your company’s people to the world is through a company culture video. These informational videos can be a starting point for fostering a connection to potential customers.

But what should go in a company culture video? How do you make one that’s engaging but still relevant to your audience? Let’s discuss these questions and more.

What is a company culture video?

Culture videos are used to highlight the personality of your brand in a video format. They may target potential employees, business partners, and customers. These videos can help tell the story of your brand and get people excited about your business as a whole.

The purpose of these videos will vary depending on who you’re looking to engage and what goal you want to achieve.

For example, if your goal is to appeal to potential recruits, then your video may display the benefits that your employees receive or give a glimpse into an average workday. If you want to engage with current customers, you could film a simple holiday video simply featuring employees wishing customers a happy holiday.

The benefits of these videos include:

  • Improve career applications
  • Boost team morale
  • Reach new audiences
  • Build a positive image of your brand
  • Encourage brand loyalty

A company culture video is not about selling a particular product or service, but you may feature them in some way. Instead, it’s about promoting the values of your brand through video, which is a powerful method of direct communication.

5 Tips for Making a Great Company Culture Video

Let’s break down what exactly it will take to create a quality company culture video that will win over the hearts of new and existing customers, recruits, and business partners alike.

1. Decide What Message You Want to Share

Time to show your audience that your company is about more than sales and making a profit. Ask yourself: what does your business stand for? If you’re afraid this feels too abstract to define, you can break it down to make it easier to convey.

  •     Your mission. Every company should have a purpose. This should be a concise and clear statement of your business’s core objectives that will guide every decision you make for your company going forward.
  •     Your vision. Once your main purpose is figured out, consider how you will fulfill that purpose. That’s what your vision is for – to describe the desired impact of your business on its industry and community.
  •     Your values. What set of behaviors best represent your company? These should be the guidelines of behavior that you and your team live by. Whenever you or an employee are faced with a dilemma, they should look towards these clearly stated values.
  •     Your culture. When you add all the previous items together, they work together to create your own company culture. These factors are what will make your workplace culture unique.

Your answers to these will provide a guiding light for your video production.

2. Know Your Audience

Company culture videos are great for sending a tailored message to a specific audience.

If you’re making a recruitment video to draw in new talent, don’t just send out a simple PSA—instead, use a video to showcase your organization and entice the people you’re seeking.

Want someone detail-oriented and passionate about engineering? Show the gadgets and tools your engineers use in their everyday work. Want someone who can generate ideas and be creative? Show your team brainstorming in a group. These are great for large organizations that regularly recruit fresh talent.

For smaller companies, you may want to make a more general video that highlights the overall company culture. But whatever your size and whatever your vibe, speak the language of who you’re appealing to.

3. Outline a Script

While you want to represent your company realistically, you want to take advantage of the power of storytelling. Tell a tale of a specific achievement or an important day in your company’s history, or maybe simply what an average workday is like for your team.

When creating your script, length is an important factor to consider. According to one study, the average consumer has an even shorter attention span than a goldfish. Here are some basic time length guidelines based on data compiled by HubSpot:

  •     Instagram: 30 seconds
  •     Twitter: 45 seconds
  •     Facebook: 1 minute
  •     YouTube: 2 minutes

4. Hire a Full-Service Video Production Team

If you’ve never produced a video before, hiring a video production team will save you a lot of stress. A full-service video production company will take care of the finer details for you—so you can focus on representing your brand. 

Teams like ours here at Slice provide the gear and technology for shooting and operate the equipment ourselves. We help you generate ideas and write scripts, prepare sets, adjust lighting and sound, film, and edit every video according to our clients’ brands. 

Need a hand? Let us help!

These videos are the perfect way to humanize your brand for your customers. Sharing your story and values publicly will impress customers and show your current employees just how much their work is valued. 

Contact the Slice team today to get started on your own company culture video.