Advertising Photography: How It Can Work For You

advertising photography

People are visual creatures. You can hook a customer into buying a product or service with just one image. But, you need the right advertising photography to convert buyers effectively.

Advertising photography provides a pop of color to a webpage, article, or listing by engaging your audience. But how does the best advertising photography work, and how can you use it to your advantage? Learn everything you need to know about using advertising photography for your brand below.

What is Advertising Photography?

Advertising photography falls within the commercial photography industry. An advertising photographer takes eye-catching photos partnered with a business’ marketing campaign. This kind of photography is snazzier and more elaborate than what you might expect to see on a social media profile or even in a commercial product’s magazine spread. To pull off the glossy look that entices consumers, this type of photography requires high-tech cameras, lighting, editing, and a commitment to conveying a story behind the product.

How Does Advertising Photography Differ From Other Commercial Photography?

Advertising photography is similar to other commercial photography. However, the photo is not focused on just the product but the experience of using it overall. Commercial photography freezes on a specific product or service, unlike advertising photography, which focuses on the whole picture.

A commercial photographer is not focused on telling a story. They are focused on making sure the product looks its best. These photos are usually shown on websites under a product. Commercial photography is seen more like a “stock photo,” where advertising photography captures a feeling, emotion, or narrative.

What is Advertising Photography Used For?

Advertising photographers have different specialties when it comes to telling stories through photography and capturing an audience’s attention. Here are some specific kinds of advertising photographers businesses can work with to stand out from competitors:

Fashion Photography

A photographer with experience in the fashion industry has expertise in fast-paced runways, studio sets, and modeling. Fashion photographers give life to the clothes and understand how they are shot with different fabrics, colors, and lighting. They also know the emotional impact a photo can have with luxury, high-end clothing.

Beauty Photography

Beauty photographers know that beauty products need to look stunning if they’re going to sell. If you are selling makeup or skin-care products, a beauty photographer makes consumers feel a need to purchase that product and experience a rejuvenating glow-up. The right beauty photographer can generate impactful emotional responses from a simple series of photos.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photographers can generate an emotional response with images alone, making consumers want to experience all the advertisement offers. An experienced lifestyle photographer can utilize locations, vacation spots, or resorts to enhance the life a consumer wants. An elegant set with an influential figure can help sell a lifestyle.

Celebrity Photography

Marketing teams can consider seeking a celebrity endorsement to bring credibility, attractiveness, and familiarity with their photo and product. Celebrity photographers have a professional attitude with high-profile celebrities and can bring out their personality for a photo.

When Should Advertising Photography Be Used?

Advertising photography should be used in conjunction with your company’s next marketing or advertising campaign. For example, it can launch a new product and show the customer how their life will be better with this new product.

It can also bring life back to an older product that is not getting as much attention or recognition. An advertising photographer has the ability to show consumers how they’ve been missing out on something in your inventory.

Why Should You Hire an Advertising Photographer?

An advertising photographer is an expense that should be included in all budgets for an ad campaign. A high-quality image compared to a low-quality image can make or break your campaign. When you hire an advertising photographer, you provide your company with a high return on investment.

Customers are more likely to engage with your homepage or social media ad if there is an appealing image. An advertising photographer can shoot a photo that evokes an emotional response to want your product. In the end, an advertising photographer helps your company gain potential buyers and spread positive messages about your brand.

How Can Advertising Photography Be Used to Maximum Effect?

An advertising photographer can stir up the correct emotional response from a consumer your company is looking for. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to create advertising photography. Here are several best practices your company’s marketing team should keep in mind when collaborating with an advertising photographer and choosing the right image.

Create a Unique Design

Having a consistent design with a certain tone can make your brand more recognizable. Your customers are more likely to recognize your product in the buying stage. You do not want to jar the audience to think they have ended up on the wrong landing page for a different company.

Establish a Consistent Message

Consistency also breeds familiarity. Not only should you have the same writing style, but consistent imagery as well. Having a consistent message throughout helps build your brand’s identity, including its voice, tone, and values. And if you plan to work with influencers or partner with celebrities, they need to fully understand your message to relate to what they are tiring to sell.

Be Selective

A photo that works best for the internet may not work as well in a magazine. Likewise, a photo that works well for a magazine may not work for a billboard.

A specific eye to detail is needed to assess a photograph and know how to utilize it properly. You want to pick a photograph with a vision of where it will look best. It should do more than show the product in a positive light, but also convey a feeling about your product and brand.

Need an Advertising Photographer For Your Business?

There are many psychological and emotional payoffs for marketers with advertising photography. However, you’ll need the best advertising photography team if you want to make the most of your campaign.

Get in touch with our team at Slice for stunning and personalized advertising photography. We’ll learn about your brand and work together to establish a cohesive, unique, and emotional portfolio for your products. Contact the Slice team to start talking about your advertising photography needs today!