7 Unique Benefits of Using Video in Your Content Marketing

7 Unique Benefits of Using Video in Your Content Marketing

If content still reigns in marketing, then video is the crown jewel. Many companies realize this but struggle to take advantage of all the benefits of using video in content marketing. You might hesitate because of anxiety over the amount of work or fear of making a mistake.

Video content has the power to reap tremendous benefits. Consider its unique advantages and why starting sooner is better than later.

1. High ROI Is One of the Top Benefits of Video in Content Marketing

Of all forms of marketing, video content tends to get the best results. 83% of marketers reported video as an effective lead generator, and 89% saw a positive ROI.

Many marketers say that video helps them increase web traffic. Of course, sales grow with more eyeballs on your brand, which the data also demonstrates.

Most companies that aren’t using video yet have plans to integrate it. Others who already utilize it intend on using it more.

2. You Can Influence Customer Purchases

Customers rely on videos to make purchasing decisions. Seeing a product in action is particularly effective for convincing buyers.

The popularity of mobile devices allows users to engage with your brand anywhere, adding to the benefits of video in content marketing. A glowing review or impressive demonstration can motivate a shopper.

As it becomes harder to sell to people one-on-one, video lets you talk to your audience personally and impress them. The rise of “influencers” proves this, as they embrace video more than any other medium.

Don’t leave money on the table by avoiding video marketing. Speak directly about the value of your services with demonstrations, explanations, and testimonials that are more convincing than text alone.

3. Consumers Want More Video

A company only succeeds by giving consumers what they want. This includes the products you offer and your method of communicating with others.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving image is worth a million. Video is far and away consumers’ preferred method of receiving content. Even when people aren’t actively watching, they will put on a video and listen to it in the background.

Video-sharing sites have become a favorite for web searches. The only search engine that outranks YouTube is its parent company, Google. One of the primary benefits of video in your content marketing is that it pleases your audience, which leads to a stronger relationship with them and a healthier brand identity.

4. You’ll Get Better SEO Rankings

Search engine algorithms often reward pages with videos. Such pages usually get more organic web traffic.

People typically prefer to learn by watching something rather than reading. “Explainer videos” are a great way to provide value to consumers, get more views, and establish your website as an authority.

Additionally, videos get visitors to spend more time on a page. It takes less time to read something to yourself than it does to watch it out loud. Though a video technically can take longer to get a message across than a silent read-through, visitors prefer it. They will stay longer on your page and boost your SEO.

5. Videos Can Increase Backlinks

Consumers and search engines are not the only ones who appreciate the benefits of video in content marketing. Other businesses search for reputable and high-ranking pages to link to in their content to add credibility.

Of course, not just any videos will grab attention. Always be sure to create something attractive and inspiring. Tell a story that displays your values – you will attract your ideal clients and potential partners in complementary companies that will be happy to forward web traffic and business to you.

6. You Can Improve Engagement and Conversions

Site visits and links mean nothing if you can’t get people to act. Research shows higher click-through and web conversion rates for video.

Video taps directly into the psyche of your audience. Not only can they clearly see and hear your message, but you can also create a pattern of action, which is one of the notable benefits of video in content marketing.

Engage your viewers by continually encouraging them to like, share, and subscribe to your videos. You can also get them to watch another video on a related topic. Studies show people are much more likely to share videos with family and friends.

Videos also get more comments. One reason is the comment field can sit just below a video player on a small screen. A viewer could make a statement or reaction while still enjoying the content. The same person might not continue scrolling down to do so after finishing an article.

A pattern of action naturally leads to more followers and sales, making conversions a top benefit of video content marketing. Set measurable KPIs for your videos and watch the format deliver.

7. You Can Increase Email Opens

One of the surprising benefits of video in content marketing is getting more views of your emails. Mentioning a video in the subject line boosts open rates.

Think about your inbox. How many subject lines reference a video? How many messages have a GIF? How many of those actually deliver value, even if it’s just a chuckle? You’re more likely to pause on a message with images and certainly one with moving images.

One word of caution with this strategy is that you must be careful with how you place links and images in email campaigns. Too many videos or links in large campaigns can send you to the spam folder. However, for current subscribers who are already interested in you, videos are a no-brainer to get them to pay closer attention to your messaging.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Video in Content Marketing

Video marketing is a winner, but it still requires diligent effort to stand out and present something unique. If you’re ready to collaborate with a winning team that can bring your concepts to life, we can help.

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