Content created for the future.

Today’s traditional media has become anything but traditional.
It’s changing. Adapting. Inspiring.
Tomorrow will bring new challenges. But it will also bring new opportunities.
To do what hasn’t been done.
To challenge the traditional mindset.
To create content that stops people dead in their tracks.
And engages them on a higher level.
Content made for the future.
Because the future isn’t coming.
It’s here.

Our idea-centric production and post production company ideals mean we’re not your typical mouse-movers, we focus on big ideas in a big way. Our love for collaboration allows us to create something truly unique for your project. We have years of experience working alongside creatives at advertising agencies, as well as having a hands-on approach through production.

We're an idea-centric content creation company.

SLICE is a premier Tampa content creation company created to help marry the idea process with execution. We offer a full range of services including video production, photography, editorial, motion graphics, 3D animation and much more. Even though we’re based out in the greater Tampa Bay area, we work with clients from all over the world.